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Bert Dohmen is a serious analyst and a trader. You've probably seen him on national TV such as CNBC, Neil Cavuto's show on FOXNEWS, CNN, or read his views in Barron's, the Wall Street Journal, Investor's Business Daily, Business Week, etc. He is a professional trader, investor, and analyst. As founder of Dohmen Capital Research, he has been giving his analysis and forecasts to traders and investors for over 36 years. What he notices in the markets in his own trading each day, he relays to his subscribers. Bert Dohmen looks behind the scenes of the global investment markets. He analyzes cross-market relationships, global correlations, and credit market data which give him superb clues as to what is likely to happen in various markets that are ignored by other analysts. Read more about Bert Dohmen

​Is The Market Signaling Another Massive Selloff?

Remember, just a few months ago in February, ​the markets ​had a severe and sudden plunge. Investors and money managers were too surprised to take any action.

They just sat there looking at their screens in amazement while the indices made severe intraday moves, up and down, as investors tried to determine what was causing the volatility.

On February 2, the computers of the algo-trading firms had taken over, causing moves that made no real sense. The following Monday, February 5, the DJI plunged from a loss of 900 points to a loss of 1600 points in virtually minutes, closing

Another Market Selloff, A Bigger Warning Sign?

Once again this week the markets plunged on a Friday, this time seeing the Dow plummet 767 points intraday.

Amid all the geopolitical risk and tariff threats, the investment markets are experiencing volatility many experienced and seasoned investors have never seen.

When analyzing the price/volume trends, we see incredibly important signals in our technicals that suggest perhaps the bull market could be running out of steam and we may have already seen the highs of the year.

How You Can Know if a Crisis or a Continued Bull Market is Ahead!

The markets are now experiencing volatility that we haven’t seen in quite some time. Just last week the Dow lost over 1400 points! Then, this past Monday, it soared 669 points, the third biggest point gain on the Dow ever and its biggest point gain since 2008.

However, on Tuesday, the markets sold off once again as the Dow plummeted triple digits for the third time in four days.

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I See Warning Signs Similar to 2008

The world’s financial markets are getting very challenging. Currently, there is a big debate whether the markets are destined for a 1929 type of crash or if the bull market will continue for several more years.

My firm and I have a very specific opinion, something no analyst in the media has mentioned. You see, I started my firm in January 1977. In 1978 I made the forecast that seemed ‘outlandish’ to Wall Street analysts. But they came true over the next 1-2 years.

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How Can You Identify a Market Bottom?

February saw a severe and sudden market plunge. Investors and money managers were too surprised to take any action. They just sat there looking at their screens in amazement while the indices made severe intraday moves, up and down, as investors tried to determine what was causing the volatility.

Read this message carefully. It may help you identify the next big turn in the markets.

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2018: Year of Great Opportunities and Traps For Investors

The year 2017 has been stellar for stock market investors. Interestingly, most of the rise has been caused by enthusiasm about the future.

The large reductions in the governmental regulations, hopes that there will be more in the future, hopes that tax cuts will be substantial and fuel future economic growth, and hopes that the efforts of the far left to derail the president’s growth agenda will fail, have all led to the rise in optimism among investors.

Wall Street firms have just issued their forecasts for the stock market in 2018. The forecasts seem to be looking for 10%–15%

Beware: “Sentiment” is Not an Exact Market-Timing Tool

For the past several months, we have heard many top hedge fund and other analysts voicing their concern about the markets, with some forecasting a crash or at least a sharp plunge because of overvaluations.

Former hedge fund manager Jim Rogers, now residing in Asia, told Business Insider that the greatest crash of our lifetime will happen “later this year or next.” He says, “Be worried.”

Another well-known analyst, Marc Faber, told CNBC that he sees a plummet of 40% or more, and “it will end very badly, extremely badly.” He didn’t say when.

Analyst David Stockman, former budget director for

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The Great Oil Short Squeeze

As you know, the oil industry has been in a severe depression since 2014. Oil prices plummeted from over $100/barrel all the way down to $30/barrel. Today, that figure hovers around $50 and is showing little signs of returning back to the $100 level any time soon. As bullish speculators continue to get burned by “demand is finally back” or “supply is finally falling,” more and more oil giants fall on serious hard times.

Will Tax Bill Produce a Real Estate Debacle, or is a Boom Ahead?

Lately at Dohmen Capital, we are seeing how the Real Estate market now is somewhat reminiscent of the environment leading up to the Great Financial Crisis of 2008. However, we must keep in mind that there was a roughly two year lead time between the first signals of excesses and the crash of 2008.

Between 2008- 2009, many investors were burned, with the estimated losses equaling over 20 trillion U.S dollars.