Buy or Sell? The Most Critical Time is Now!

“Timing is Everything”

How much would it be worth to YOU to have the guidance of a highly respected analyst who has predicted every important market decline over the past 35 years?

How much would it be worth to have the analysis of someone who predicted the 20 year bear market in gold in 1981, after having been bullish from 1977 to 1980? It happened! The next gold bull markets started exactly 20 years later and his clients were on board.

How much would it be worth to get the advice of someone who in 1982 called US Treasury bonds “the opportunity of a lifetime.” Zero-coupon T-bond funds appreciated more than 20-fold over the next 30 years.

What would it have been worth to YOU to have the continuing market assessment of someone who in 2007 predicted a “global financial crisis” in 2008. In fact, he felt so strongly, he wrote a book in 2007, PRELUDE TO MELTDOWN. As you know now, it happened!

All the above was done by Bert Dohmen, founder and President of the Dohmen Capital Research group. And now his analyses and forecasts are available to you for only $49 per month. That’s a deal. Professionals pay him $2400 per hour for his advice. Traders and investors pay up to $6000 per year.

What’s Ahead for the Market?

If you listen to all the analysts in the media, you will see that there is an overwhelming bullish sentiment. Wall Street estimates call for gains of 10%-20% by year end. They cite what they think will be continuing gains in earnings, the trillions of dollars on the sidelines, a potential recovery in Europe, improvement in China, renewed China demand for commodities, etc.

And of course, they tell you about the biggest factor for the rising markets, namely the $80 billion monthly liquidity injections by the Federal Reserve, and the $78 billion per month injection from the Bank of Japan into the Japanese markets. Together that’s about $1.9 TRILLION per year being created by just these two central banks. That’s huge. But if that is the crutch preventing a recession, then what happens when the crutch collapses?

On the other hand, there are a number of negative factors contradicting the bullish case. Our analysis is giving some very important signals…right now! And no one on Wall Street is telling you about them.

It’s extremely important to know now where the markets will go starting September, and how to profit from it. And even more important, not to be on the wrong side.

The latest issue of our award-winning WELLINGTON LETTER, now in its 36 year, discusses what is likely to occur over the next several months. This issue, as every issue, will not only inform you, but digest the various factors for you. It will give you the results of our research to guide you when everyone gets back to work in September. When conditions change because of governmental policy or other factors, Bert Dohmen always adapts to them.

You don’t have much time. You should prepare your strategy now.

Our work utilizes two major elements:

1. Conditions in the credit markets and if they are tightening or loosening, and

2. Technical analysis to show us which way the big money is flowing, into or out of the markets.

We always work with the scenario produced by our credit market analysis, and then use advanced technical analysis to give you our specific timing. Forecasts from Wall Street don’t determine the direction of the markets, but money flows do. The only thing that can change the price of a stock is a change in the supply-demand equation.

And that’s what our computers measure, using advanced technical indicators.

If you want to safeguard your wealth, and capitalize on the big move that is likely to occur soon, you should act now. Time is short. And the cost is low. For the cost of a lunch in NY, you can get our monthly thorough analysis and forecasts (once to twice per month depending on market conditions).

Just one good piece of advice can pay for the WELLINGTON LETTER for many years. You can’t afford not to have it.

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Bert Dohmen, Founder
Dohmen Capital Research, Inc.