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The FEARLESS ETF TRADER officially began on July 1, 1997. We do not recommend brokers or provide personal advice.

Q: Do I have to be a very experienced trader to participate in the recommendations of the FEARLESS ETF TRADER?

A: No. The great advantage of this service is that you do not have to be an experienced investor. We do all the analysis for you. When we have completed our analysis, and have a “buy” or “sell” signal on our charts, we will communicate specific recommendations to you by posting the updates in the subscribers web site. All you have to do is to place the order with your discount broker via the Internet .

Q: How will I know when to sell?

A: That is what our research is all about. When we get a “sell” signal on any of our current recommendations, we will issue an update advising you to sell.

Q: Can I trade the ETF’S through a discount brokerage firm?

A: Yes, you can. Call the brokerage company you are interested in to find out what they will charge you for each transaction fee. Depending on the firm, the transaction fee could be very small.

Q: What brokerage firm must I use to trade the recommendations? Can you recommend some brokers?

A: We do not recommend any specific brokerage firm.

Q: I’ve also considered your SMART E-TRADER service. Why would I choose one over the other?

A: Our SMARTE TRADER focuses on stocks, options, and short-selling. Although the advice in the SMARTE TRADER is very precise, you nevertheless have to follow all the recommendations and the recommended protective stops associated therewith. That obviously is more time consuming. For people who are very busy with their profession, it may be too demanding. That’s where the FEARLESS ETF TRADER is ideal; you will normally have less recommendations. Therefore, trading is not as active as with the SMARTE TRADER.

Q: What if we have a bear market, or a lengthy stock market correction? If Mr. Dohmen is correct in forecasting such an event, can we profit from it in the FEARLESS ETF TRADER?

A:Yes, you can improve your performance by selling before a strong down-move and re-buying at the end of that correction. This is what the FEARLESS ETF TRADER service is designed to do. All it takes is a few minutes a week.

Q: What is the subscription price for the service?

A: The Fearless ETF Trader offers a monthly subscription. which is automatically charged to your account every 4 weeks. The rate for a 4 week autocharge subscription is $350. We also offer an annual subscription at the rate of $3800 per year, which would come out to be a savings of $400 over the monthly rate.

Q: What is an Automatic charge?

A: “Autocharge” means, we will charge your credit card automatically at the end of every 4 weeks cycle without renewal notices. This method of payment is excellent because your subscription will never be interrupted. You can log in with your user name and password, go to MY ACCOUNT and cancel your autorenewal at any time. You can also write us an e-mail when you wish to stop the charges and your subscription will be canceled at the end of the current term.

Q: Can we pay for the subscription by check?

A: Subscriptions can only be paid by credit card. We have recently converted to an automatic system, which lowers our cost, and allows us to maintain our low subscription rates. We accept Visa, Master Charge, or American Express.

Q: When are the new updates posted? Are updates posted during the trading day?

A: The FEARLESS ETF TRADER updates are always posted in the evening. You will be receiving an e-mail notifying you that a new update has been posted. You can implement your orders for the next day. There are no updates sent during the trading day. When the markets open, you can then place your order. You need not worry about the markets during the day because Mr. Dohmen is watching them for you.

Q: How many updates should I expect per week?

A: The FEARLESS ETF TRADER is not a daily service, it is market driven. We are averaging two to three updates per week.

Q: Does the FEARLESS ETF TRADER cover foreign markets as well as US markets?

A: Yes, this service cover foreign markets.

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