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Gold and Silver: Opportunity of a Lifetime?

Our exclusive new research report examines Gold and Silver and how the precious metals could become incredible investment opportunities for many years to come.

Over the past 39 years, we have rarely used the words “Opportunity of a lifetime.” However, we feel there is a good chance of another one in progress.

We explain what our latest analysis indicates and what the charts are telling us about the big potential upside.

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Our Contrarian View on Gold:
Is gold really a crisis hedge or a fear hedge? Are rising interest rates bullish or bearish for gold?
Using Gold as a Hedge:
How can you start using gold the right way as a hedge in your own investments?
How High Gold Could Go:
What’s our price target for gold in the near-term and long-term? We give our forecasts and explain our reasons on various charts and technical indicators.
What Could Produce the Next
Gold Bull Market:
Do the major central banks around the world have a big influence on gold’s next move?
Our Forecasts on Bull & Bear Markets In Gold:
In 1981 we predicted a 20-year bear market in gold. It shocked gold investors, yet it happened! In 1981, we also predicted that this bear market would potentially be followed by a 30-year bull market. The new bull market started in 2001. In this report, we examine what the long term charts predict for the future of this precious metal.
The Superb Opportunities
Ahead For Gold:
The latest clues and evidence about how gold could be a superb investment over the long term, and the reasons why it’s not a crisis hedge. Learn what really determines the major trend of gold.

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Gold and Silver: Opportunity of a Lifetime?
By Bert Dohmen

Retail Value: $19.99 Now Only $4.99
(Special Price Available for a Limited Time only!)

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Bert Dohmen is a professional trader, investor, and analyst. As founder of Dohmen Capital Research group and newly established Dohmen Strategies, LLC, he has been giving his analysis and forecasts to traders and investors for over 39 years. He has been a special guest on CNBC, Fox Business News, and CNN among others, in addition to having his analysis featured in some of the best known and reputable investment publications including the Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Barron’s, Future’s Magazine, and Forbes.

Dohmen’s firms do not manage investors’ accounts. There is no conflict of interest. The firms currently offer 4 highly valuable services for serious investors and traders, including the award-winning Wellington Letter, offering fundamental and technical analysis of the economies and investment markets. In addition, The Smarte Trader and Fearless ETF Trader is ideal for astute short-term traders, and the exciting new HedgeFolios program for active investors looking to protect their portfolios and profit from market downturns.