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SMARTE TRADER is considered the premier short-term trading advisory service by many serious traders and professionals. It has an enviable record for catching short term moves in the stock market, and has specific recommendations for stocks, either buying or selling short.

If you are trading the markets actively instead of using a “buy and hold forever” approach, SMARTE TRADER may be for you. It will guide you virtually every trading day with a complete analysis and evaluation of the days market action, give you very specific recommendations on what to buy or sell short, and when to sell.

It’s like having a trading coach at your side.

It is ideal for volatile times . It doesn’t matter whether the market soars or plunges… we can make money either way… and we have…. especially during the turmoil from 2007 to 2009.

You will learn to think like a Pro. Instead of buying and holding an investment, you will execute short-term trades and make your money work harder for you in bull and bear markets.

SMARTE TRADER, allows you to participate in the opportunities the market brings. It will show you how to profit even when stocks plunge. With SMARTE TRADER service you will trade with greater confidence.

In dull markets, we may only have a few recommendations. But when markets are moving, we will be loaded up. The blacksmith hits the iron when it’s hot… And when the markets are ready to plunge, we’ll advise to sell short in order to profit from a decline.

For proper risk control, we advise you where to place a mental protective stop. However, we never enter the stop with a broker. You see, we don’t want to tip off the “market makers.”

With SMARTE TRADER you can sleep soundly, knowing you have the best analysis and advice… and perhaps achieve profits you never thought possible.



    • Often pinpoints market tops and bottoms the exact day. And that is proven fact. Of course, we must point out that past performance is no guarantee for equal future results.
    • Advises you when to buy, what to buy, and when to sell, on a timely basis, eliminating all of the guesswork.
    • Issued on average four times per week when the market dictates. Each update may contain new trades or follow-up on previous trades. It also reviews the current state of the markets, what the Federal Reserve may do, what the technical readings of the market and the stocks are on a specific day.
    • You will read what our indicators are saying about a change in supply – demand and the probable next move in the markets and in specific stocks. You will always be completely informed of what’s happening.
    • SMARTE TRADER is delivered via our website. Each new update is posted in the subscriber’s portion of our website in the evening for you to take action the next morning. All recommendations are based on analysis of potential reward vs. risk. And we keep risk control tight.


The client list for SMARTE TRADER includes individual traders, hedge funds, money managers, professional traders, and floor traders on the exchanges. Many subscribers have been with us since the inception of the service in 1995.

Many subscribers say that there is absolutely nothing comparable or better, at any price, than Bert Dohmen’s SMARTE TRADER advisory service. But the financial reward of SMARTE TRADER advice is only half of it. If you are serious and dedicated, you will become a superior trader, which will bring monetary returns for the rest of your life.

You will learn to look at the markets in a totally different way. You will ignore all the traps Wall Street sets for you. You will learn the secrets of the inner workings of the markets, what produces rallies and plunges, how to identify tops and bottoms, how Wall Street manipulates stocks, and how to profit from this knowledge.

This investment service is not for everyone. In fact, you should have at least one year of trading experience. The focus is on trading opportunities, not situations that we want to hold for several years.

If you’re serious about making money, and have the perseverance, SMARTE TRADER advisory service may enable you to fulfill your fondest dreams. Join our elite family of winning traders now. You will find that nothing beats our SMARTE TRADER service for making money, whether stocks go up…or down. You will stay ahead of the crowd…and prosper.

There is nothing like it anywhere… at any price. Consider a subscription to SMARTE TRADER an investment in your future.






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