GDP is 50% Lower than Wall Street Forecasts!

Today, it was reported that GDP growth was 50% lower than Wall Street had forecasted. At school, that would give you a big “F.” Once again, economists are busy wiping the egg off their faces. This seems to be a continuing process.

Our subscribers knew for the past 9 months that the US economy is on the way to recession.

Today’s GDP growth number was a 1.2% annualized rate in the second quarter. The median forecast of economists (Bloomberg) was for

The Start of the Next Gold Bull Market?

Gold bars v1

In 1981, we wrote in our Wellington Letter that our analysis showed a 20 year bear market was ahead for Gold. That call was right on target, but at the time, no one believed that Gold would decline for 20 years.

Furthermore, we wrote in 1981 that after a 20-year bear market, Gold would go into a 30 year bull market. In 1981 that seemed outlandish. We even wrote at the time, “We have

China’s “Great Leap” is a Leap into Quick Sand and Mud!

From Dohmen Capital comes the just released Special Report: The China Crisis Is Here. This report is a follow up on Bert Dohmen’s prescient third book released in 2013, “The Coming China Crisis.”

Now you can find out the truth about China’s massive economic and political issues, which are causing a crisis in China that will spread like a tsunami, affecting the financial markets around the world.

The Bull Trap is Near!


Our work shows that a significant trap for the bulls is being engineered. When everyone starts celebrating, the best traders go the opposite way. They will get positioned to profit from the next market downturn.

The biggest opportunities are always in market corrections or bear markets. Why? Because stocks decline faster than they rise.

Will Apple Make a Comeback?

Apple’s stock is now down about 35% from its top last year. Yet in the last survey of analysts who follow the stock, 21 out of 29 still have a “strong buy” rating on the stock.

As we often see, analysts wait until a severe bear market has been reached to finally change their rating

Are Facebook, Uber, and Apple Rushing To Get on the China “Titanic?”

sinking shipApple just announced a $1 billion investment in a Chinese company that competes with Uber and has 90% of the share-ride market in China. Is that a payment to buy goodwill in Beijing? Clearly.

Uber is also making a big bet on the China market, hoping that the billions