Make Big Profits No Matter Who Wins the Election!


No one can predict the election results with accuracy. However, we are prepared. In fact, the opportunities should start even before the election. You see, the major trading opportunities are often sniffed out by the big, smart, well-connected hedge funds.

We are not talking about long-term investing opportunities, but shorter-term trading opportunities. If you are pretty sure of who will win, do you know how to position yourself for a knee-jerk reaction immediately after the election?

Bulls and Bears: Beware of this Market Rally

Markets oscillate, they don’t go in a straight line. Novice investors often don’t realize that. When I speak at a conference, and for example I am bullish on the stock market, an investor will come up and say, “But you’re wrong because the stock market was down the past two days.”

Such an investor should buy US Treasuries and go golfing.

Oscillations and waves occur everywhere in the universe. Did you hear about the recent discovery of “gravity waves” the existence of which was predicted by Einstein? Finally they have instrument to prove their existence.