2018: Year of Great Opportunities and Traps For Investors

The year 2017 has been stellar for stock market investors. Interestingly, most of the rise has been caused by enthusiasm about the future.

The large reductions in the governmental regulations, hopes that there will be more in the future, hopes that tax cuts will be substantial and fuel future economic growth, and hopes that the efforts of the far left to derail the president’s growth agenda will fail, have all led to the rise in optimism among investors.

Wall Street firms have just issued their forecasts for the stock market in 2018. The forecasts seem to be looking for 10%–15% rise in

The Great Oil Short Squeeze

As you know, the oil industry has been in a severe depression since 2014. Oil prices plummeted from over $100/barrel all the way down to $30/barrel. Today, that figure hovers around $50 and is showing little signs of returning back to the $100 level any time soon. As bullish speculators continue to get burned by “demand is finally back” or “supply is finally falling,” more and more oil giants fall on serious hard times.

Bubbles are Bursting: Oil, China, Global Stock Markets, and now Trump?

bubble questionmark 250x175.jpg

Donald Trump’s rise in the Republican polls was meteoric. But at the Iowa Caucus, he was handed a defeat and came in second. Close only counts in the game of “horseshoes.”

World-wide, all the bubbles produced over the past seven years are bursting. Why should politics be exempt?

A Market Crash This Year?

Do you remember early 2014 when every Wall Street analyst and economist said that T-bonds would be the worst investment for the year and people should sell them?

As it turned out, for the 13 months ending January 31, 2015 T-bonds had the best performance of almost any investment sector. The Vanguard ETF investing in long-term T-bond zeroes, was up over 51% for that time.

In 2014, as late as December, we heard from the same group of “experts” that the economy would grow robustly in 2015.