​Is The Market Signaling Another Massive Selloff?

Remember, just a few months ago in February, ​the markets ​had a severe and sudden plunge. Investors and money managers were too surprised to take any action.

They just sat there looking at their screens in amazement while the indices made severe intraday moves, up and down, as investors tried to determine what was causing the volatility.

On February 2, the computers of the algo-trading firms had taken over, causing moves that made no real sense. The following Monday, February 5, the DJI plunged from a loss of 900 points to a loss of 1600 points in virtually minutes, closing with a

Another Market Selloff, A Bigger Warning Sign?

Once again this week the markets plunged on a Friday, this time seeing the Dow plummet 767 points intraday.

Amid all the geopolitical risk and tariff threats, the investment markets are experiencing volatility many experienced and seasoned investors have never seen.

When analyzing the price/volume trends, we see incredibly important signals in our technicals that suggest perhaps the bull market could be running out of steam and we may have already seen the highs of the year.