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What Dohmen Capital Can Do For You

Dohmen Capital offers a unique, often contrarian approach to investment and economic research allowing us to forecast the major turns in the major global investment markets. This guides our valued clients successfully in these incredible times.

Our methodology has enabled us to call the most important market turns for over four decades, often within one-two days of the turn, and sometimes to the exact day. Our analysis and forecasts are made available via several subscription services, some for active investors, and others for short-term traders.

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We provide Contrarian Analysis and Forecasts to Serious, Active Investors & Traders. We don’t follow the crowd.

The vast majority of investment analysts use fundamental analysis, such as earnings, dividends, etc. This is like driving a car looking into the rearview mirror. We prefer to look ahead. We use credit market analysis to determine ‘stress’ in the markets, and technical analysis to determine money flows.

Only a change in the “demand-supply” equation can change the price of an investment. This combination allows us to make our precise timing decisions. It has worked for us over the past three decades.

What Dohmen Capital Can Do For You

When the market has a sudden sharp rise, or decline, most investors are puzzled as to what to do. Emotions take over. In the markets, emotional decisions are usually wrong.

Our subscription services help traders and investors disregard those emotions with our professional guidance when you need it most. We can help you sort it out and stay on track to make your investments grow.

You will trade or invest without guessing, without sleepless nights, being more confident in your decisions, your investments, and your wealth protection.

You Can Profit From Our Market Timing

In over 45 years of business, we have predicted every market decline of 20% or more, often within one or two days of the top, including the actual day of the turn.

Avoiding the big declines is the easiest way to tremendously improve your long term investment results. Imagine, if you could have avoided the market meltdown of the year 2008, and the dot-com crash of the year 2000!

Wouldn’t that have saved you from big losses and vastly have improved your long term performance? You bet!

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Wellington Letter

Our flagship, top-rated, award-winning investment and economic newsletter now celebrating over 40 years of guiding investors successfully.

Since 1977 it has provided investors and business professionals with the most accurate technical and fundamental analysis and forecasts of the global economies and financial markets found anywhere. 

Smarter Stock Trader

Considered the premier short-term trading advisory service by many serious traders and professionals. For over 20 years this service has helped traders catch short-term moves in the stock market, offering specific recommendations for stocks, either buying or selling short, while providing valuable market timing, telling you when to sell and take profits or sell as a precaution.

Fearless ETF Trader

The ideal trading services for active traders who prefer lower volatility offered by ETFs and may not have the time to keep up with 10-15 individual stocks. This service allows you to hedge your positions by buying the strongest groups and selling-short the weakest, while only using ETF’s. We offer our top ETF recommendations and tell you when to buy and when to exit each position.


A revolutionary new active investing service offered by our related firm, Dohmen Strategies, allowing you to manage your own portfolio with our professional guidance. HedgeFolios provides you with a simple, convenient, and transparent way to follow our investing strategy by replicating any of our model portfolios with a simple click of the mouse! This service is ideal for serious investors with over $100,000 to invest.


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…the most thoroughly researched and best written investment newsletter that I receive.

neil cavuto

Neil Cavuto, Fox Business Network

Bert Dohmen… brilliant technician, great long-term record.

neil cavuto

Jim Cramer, CNBC

Bert Dohmen has gained an international reputation for his accurate forecasts of the economy and major investment markets.

neil cavuto

Wall Street Transcript

Bert Dohmen captured the actual levels of the DJIA precisely. In a business with so many variable influences, such performances are to be congratulated.

neil cavuto

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