Brad LeBlanc, Dohmenite, Says:

Thank you for putting the Wellington Letter in a format that I can use with my iPad, and once again, thank you for your incredible insight into this crazy economy. I thank God for bringing you into my life.

I have been studying the markets for over ten years, and although I was able to get my clients out of the market in 2007 and avoided any losses, I feel I have let them down because I only went back in from March 11th, 2009 until May 2009, and missed the rest of the run-up because I was uneasy about the nature of this market and felt caution was better than risk. But it has been tough sitting on the side lines. I wish I had found you sooner! By the time I found you, I had paralysis and it took a year of reading your stuff before I trusted it enough to take a small position. I have about 40% equity exposure and I am ready to reduce that based on what is going on.

Again, thank you for all you have taught me – it has been priceless. I truly look forward to the day I can meet you and can thank you in person. God bless you, and please keep up the great work, more people need to hear your words!

On a side note, I just spoke at my broker-dealer meeting in front of a hundred reps and went off for ten minutes about how amazing you are and how foolish they would be to not at least sign up for the Wellington Letter. Sorry for the long note, I get excited when I sing your praise! Thanks again.

Want to thank Bert for his valued analysis regarding crypto markets. 

He’s made his view clear on this market, but I certainly appreciate his insights and regular commentary.

He has been exactly right regarding the technicals and that is an added bonus in my opinion as most of subscribe for his coverage of equities.

Please thank Bert for me.

Clay S

In markets, you’ve been sunlight.

Mark Shinnik

Without Dohmen Strategies and Dohmen Capital Research, I would not be the trader and investor that I am fortunate to be today. Thank you and the team for all that you provide for us! 

Mark S.

Thank you again for your insights. You are an anchor in my investing. Thank you again.Your insights have profited me greatly.


Williamston, MI

You are awesome. It’s wonderful to be a subscriber to someone who is transparent and bold enough to reveal the truth. 


Let me take the opportunity to say that Bert is doing a great job and things are working out pretty much as he has expected. He has saved me from having bad losses in the recent declines (and coming declines) in the market.

I applaud his fine research and also the way he is willing to call the markets as he sees them, yet remain willing to change if conditions warrant. Fabulous!


I just wanted to send you a big thank you for all of your guidance. With your help I’m now buying a house! Your help through these times will not be forgotten.


Honolulu, HI

I would like to thank you for your patience. As you have said many times, patience, patience, patience is the key to successful trading.


I’m making big money on your Juniper Networks recommendation. I have read others’ newsletters, went home broke, and felt stupid. So far, your recommendations have made me money, restored my faith in the market, and given me an edge.


Bert, I have saved a bundle having your independent advice (and I am a so-called financial professional). The next question you need to ask inquisitive subscribers is: How many checks has your financial advisor saved you since January 1, 2001?

You have saved me $163,000 just from your short position in BRCD… That amount of money, compared to $5,000 a year, is peanuts. Look forward to your comments.


Just want you to know: while you are not required to advise us every day, you have done so for the last 9 or 10 days, giving us excellent advice due to market conditions. We appreciate you caring about us. These are volatile times and it is good to know that you are there helping us.

I have been with you since last November and am impressed. You admit when you make a mistake, and that is good. I have just signed up for your Wellington Letter. Keep up the good work. It must be hard for you and your staff sometimes.


Thanks for the hand-holding. I never expected you, personally, to answer. I have been a subscriber over the years and consider you absolutely the best and I respect your opinion more than you realize. Thanks again.


FYI… I held my positions Monday, having watched the market during the day and seeing the improvement. Thanks for your great insights! Following your advice has made me a lot of money, and with the spring volatility, I think I’ll divest myself of some of my stocks and do more index trading, per your advice.


Thanks very much for recommending buying those OEX puts. Even though I bought them late and sold them early, the profit was already seven times the cost of your service!


This is without a doubt the most encouraging system I have seen. The BBH investment has been terrific. I plan to be a long-time subscriber. Thanks for the opportunity. I plan to go for the full year when my trial subscription is over.


You’re still doing a great job! Veterans know this game isn’t easy. We don’t expect anyone to make us rich everyday! Don’t let any complaints from novice subscribers bother you. How can anyone blame a coach for a bruise or two when we have trophies on the mantle that we wouldn’t have without you?

Your comments about options were superb. In addition to the spread issue you mentioned, I know from experience about “premium compression:” the deeper “in the money” my puts or calls become, the more of the initial premium is lost. Very tough game…

Please ponder this, and if you have time, address it in your newsletter (or write me back directly): On many occasions in recent weeks the market has sold off very hard, with many individual stocks making lower lows, and indices breaking to new lows, only to recover somewhat near the close of trading.

Today, Thursday, March 1, was just another case in point. It appears to me, watching the tape intensely most of the day, that there is enormous selling. I see plenty of huge blocks selling off; 100,000 shares in CSCO, followed by 175,000, etc. Then, as if the sun came out, the indices and individual stocks miraculously recover, on much lighter volume, and the tape is painted over as if little went wrong. Then, on the next day or soon after, we go down again, with or without a day or two of respite.

This appears to my mind to be very bearish. Am I wrong? Does this mean we’re near a bottom? Perhaps a short term bottom with worse to come later? I’d appreciate your thoughts since you have so much more experience than the rest of us. Thanks.

I must say I’ve been impressed with the profits for the last two weeks. I joined the service just before the “correction” and made some bucks on several shorts, but now that the market is a little more predictable, the service is paying off big time.

Like you always say, stick with it, and eventually the profits will outweigh the negatives because the charts don’t lie. So, I stuck with your advice and now it’s paying off. Good work and keep it up. Excellent call on ARIA.


I have been using your service for about a week now and already recouped my 12-week subscription fee using your recommendations on the index funds.


I am all for you taking a true vacation. You should shut off your offices for a straight 2-3 weeks. Your services are so excellent that I can’t imagine how you cope with all that workload. Watch your health. With all my best wishes for your battery recharge from a vacation south of France.


Far and away the best, most in-depth research I’ve ever seen. Truly the Rolls Royce of the industry.

R.J. Wershay

Fort Worth, TX

The Wellington Letter is my favorite, and is one of the few newsletters whose subscription I haven’t canceled. I just want to thank you for helping me understand the global economy, find profitable investments, and most importantly, avoid losses.

Kris Metaverso

LaVerne, CA

This service rates at the top. Good work, keep it up!


Reno, NV

I’m most impressed by Bert’s timeliness and the content of his recommendations and notes.


Seattle, WA

I am a longtime subscriber to many of Bert Dohmen’s services. Bert is great, his services are great, and I love his newest service, SMARTFAX.


Yonkers, NY

Your results have been unbelievable! Truly the Rolls Royce!


Ft. Worth, TX

Whether rain or shine, foul or fair

Dohmen surely will get you there!

When he gets cloned, it’s twice the fun

And for biotechs a stronger run!

Our paths have crossed, thank you Lord!

Retirement full, I’ll soon afford!

Poem from a Member

As you requested in today’s Smarte Trader, I did misunderstand yesterday’s message and covered all shorts when the Dow was up 250 points from its low. This is not a bad thing with the profits that were realized! My total portfolio is up by over 30% from this last excursion into the shorts. Thank you for your incredible service!


Congratulations on your exact predictions. 


The substance of your letters is without a doubt the best and most profitable I have ever experienced, and I have been an avid investment letter reader for the past 31 years. Keep it up Bert!


Williamston, MI

You have the most cogent and prescient analysis of any letter writer I have read over the years. Having been a retail broker and an institutional trader since 1978, absolutely no one has made better calls and better analysis of financial markets than you.


Dear Bert Dohmen,

You are worth your weight in gold, and gold is still up.


Williamston, MI

Thanks so much for your recommendations & nightly updates. I haven’t lost on one trade yet! Keep up the good work & the great recommendations. 


As an investor for over 20 years, I must say that your Smarte Trader service has been incredible! Your analysis is truly uncanny.

In the four months that I have subscribed to the Smarte Trader, my successes have far and away outdone any previous trading strategy. I have done better in four months with your recommendations than in the last 3 years, which included the final year of the great bull market of the nineties. Incredible!

Marc Rothschild

Your OEX put call was not just accurate. It was, in fact, perfectly on target. Congratulations and many thanks.


I have been a subscriber since 1999 and can honestly say that this is the best advisory service I have ever had. I’ve been investing for 30 years and have not seen a more timely and in-depth understanding of the markets than from Bert.


I do not usually praise people, but I have to congratulate you for a job well done of predicting a sharp downturn in this market! Holding a Ph.D. in physics (from Chicago!), I did not believe in technical analysis at all. I believed the market moved in a chaotic way that was beyond analysis.

Well, I should have listened to you and sold ALL of my long holdings. But, unfortunately, I also believed you when you said “However, don’t ever bet the farm, thinking that I cannot be wrong.” Anyway, you saved my neck this week and I beat the market hands-down this time! Thank you very much!


Your ability to smell a market turn is nothing less than amazing! I think you could be a special guest on the psychic friends network! I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of your sage advice, and to further demonstrate my loyalty, as of today I am signing up for both the Wellington Letter, and the Chairman Private Portfolio.

Incidentally, a couple of friends have signed up for the Smarte Trader as a result of my promotion of your service. Continue the great work!


I just had to write to express my deepest thanks for your Private Portfolio service.

For ten years (1982-1992) I had faithfully dollar-cost-averaged into mutual funds and had barely made any money. Maybe 50% at tops. I just had a great knack for exiting at the wrong time!

From 1992 to May 1999 (when I started your Private Portfolio service), I barely budged. 10% in seven years of the biggest bull market on record! However, since May 1999, my total portfolio has gone up over 70%! I am amazed!

I do realize that these kinds of incredible gains in such a short period are very rare, and I need to think more sanely in years to come. But this is truly the first time I have ridden a wave and not made a wrong move! Diversification is the key, along with knowing when to stay in, even if the going gets rough. I think the Private Portfolio service is worth every single cent and would recommend it to anyone! Keep up the great advice!


Mr. Dohmen’s E-trade service has proven to be extremely helpful and Mr. Dohmen himself provides a great service to all of his subscribers of all his services.


I have been using your service for about a week now and already recovered my 12-week subscription fee using your recommendations on the index funds.


You are the brightest star of all the stars in the field of investing. In fact, it is uncanny how you are able to evaluate markets in the midst of such volatility. As a subscriber to your Smarte Trader service, I am continuously astounded at the depth of your experience and insight into market trading.

This past week, I was one of your traders who stayed in the market. Most phenomenal of all, I purchased Celera Genomics at $70.50 and sold one-and-a-half days later at $147.50, with a profit of over 100%. My other positions were also profitable. Each decision was based upon carefully reviewing all of your evaluations of the market.

I must state that you are also a magnificent teacher. If you could have someone compile all your key market trading statements this would become one of the greatest trading manuals ever produced. It is indeed an honor being associated with your institute. With compliments for all of the gifts you contribute to mankind, God blesses you!


Over the past ten years, I have found the accuracy of Bert Dohmen’s advice and predictions to be almost eerie.

Ben F. Brooks II

Phoenix, AZ

The Wellington Letter may someday be bound and published hardcover as a text in ‘Logic, Economic Analysis & Market Trading,’ like the ‘Case Method’ of teaching now used in graduate business schools.


Manhasset, NY

I continue to enjoy reading the Wellington Letter. It brings a sense of reality to an otherwise confusing world.

David T. McLaughlin

President, The Aspen Institute

You are one of the best “lay-it-on-the-line” economists that this country has left.

D.B. Ozmun

Wheeling, IL

I chose to follow your OEX recommendation, even though the options were trading lower at the open. Just as you predicted, the market suddenly turned and I quickly closed out my position, cashing in for a very hefty profit. This two-hour trade netted me far in excess of my SMARTFAX subscription price for many years.


Worcester, MA

SMARTFAX is the best investment I ever made. As an investor, I could not sleep as soundly if it were not for Bert Dohmen’s competence. My SMARTFAX more than paid for itself in a week and a half.


Los Angeles, CA

You said that God did not give you the gift for predicting the future. Now there’s a lie! In regard to the market, you’ve certainly got a gift!

I lost over 50% of my wealth in this bear market, but since subscribing to you I’ve been making it back in a dramatic fashion, especially lately. I have some hope again to gain financial freedom. Every day I thank God that I found your service!


Hi Bert, just had to send you a little note just to say: boy did you ever get this whole thing right. All the best!


Bert Dohmen has called this market on both the upside and downside with unparalleled perfection for the last three years.


Pawleys Island, S.C.

Just a note to reiterate that I love reading your newsletter. ”Remember, the stock market is a carnival” is a quote I’ll use when I’m a rich old man – with due credit to the author, of course. Meanwhile, you have kept us in the right places.


I want to take a subscription to the Fearless Fund tonight, to add to my other subscriptions that I now have. Your message tonight in the Smarte Trader was worth the price of the entire subscription. Your messages have been great.

I am nearly 79 and have been an investor since 1953. I have taken many services, and at times turned my portfolio over to various services. I have paid for many lessons very dearly the hard way. Yours is the only truly unbiased and intelligent service I have ever taken. Thank you.

Charlie Ringler

I’m currently a subscriber to your Smarte Trader advisory. These are really tough times in the market and I have found your advice and commentary to be unbiased and right on target.


Thanks for making this hellish ride a true pleasure! I have smiled throughout this little bear walk.



Excellent call on the OEX options. I wish you would do more of those as I can get a higher return on my capital than shorting. Great job!


As a subscriber who is currently down about $2,000, I wanted to write about my experience to date.

Your overview of the current market conditions and diagnosis about where it’s headed is right on target. Your recent short picks have been excellent! Your service helps me deal with money management, position sizing, risk/reward, and most importantly, how I react to the markets.

These things have provided the stimulus for me to create a trading plan and approach trading as a business, not some esoteric hobby. None of these things are mentioned in your advertising! Your services should be tax-deductible as an educational expense!

I just wanted to write as someone who has lost money overall to date to let you know how pleased I am with the Smarte Trader service. Thank you for the guidance so greatly needed!


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the terrific job you are doing with your Fearless Fund Trader signals. I’ve been trading the Rydex funds since 1996 and I’ve had only limited success. Since the subscription to the FFT, I’m finally a winner. I can remember the day the Dow was down over 500 points and I was up over $11K in one day, only to give it all back within one week. This has not happened since I started following your recommendations. Kudos and keep up the good work.


I would like to thank you. I have been a Smarte Trader subscriber for only four months now, but I must tell you that the returns I have had on a monthly basis have trumped my previous yearly returns for the last five years. You are truly a great man for sharing your intelligence!


As far as I am concerned, your analysis, commentary and timing have been brilliant, and are at the top of the several services I subscribe to. Thanks for all you do.


I am a subscriber to the Private Portfolio and the Fearless Fund & Index Trader, and I want you all to know that I am very pleased to have you as my financial advisors. I feel extremely comfortable and blessed that I am in such good hands.


I wanted to e-mail you this evening to thank you for your fantastic insights and thoughts! I have been a subscriber for most of 2000. I have always been very impressed by your writings, but in the past two weeks, you have been particularly spectacular.

I have made triple-digit returns recently, mostly in part to your advice. I primarily trade options with long-term time strikes or straddles in closer months. I made 60% on the TERN position today with options. I expected to hold it for a while, honest. You were right: the chart was excellent and I got in right after it fell off at the open and rode the profits right until 3PM and then got out. It is not my usual style, but I could not look at a 60% gain in one day and leave it on the table.

Please keep up the great work. I appreciate it and I am sure the other readers are just as pleased!


I have had an urge to write, and after seeing your note in the newsletter this morning, I think I will write and thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight into the markets. A lot of people charge for professional services, but few people have the wisdom, knowledge, courage, and conviction to never give up, stay positive, and let the losers go. This applies to clients, as well as stocks. Keep up the good work.


One of the reasons why I love your service is your dedication to this. You’ve exceeded your promise with your near-daily updates, which I appreciate tremendously! Even the brief update is so helpful. You’ve done great according to my tracking. I absolutely love your insight. Keep up the great work.


I’ve subscribed to over a dozen newsletters throughout the years, but I find [yours] more valuable than all of them put together.

Joseph J. Baldridge

Charlotte, NC

I recently made superb profits on two SMARTFAX recommendations. On December 5, 1995, I purchased 9 contracts of the AMGEN January 30 calls at 5 1/4 and sold them on December 22, 1995 at 8 3/4. On February 7, 1996, I purchased IBM March 15 calls at 4 and sold them on February 22, 1996 at 10. These two excellent trades netted enough profits to pay for my SMARTFAX subscription for the next four years!


Vail, CO

Great job with the SMARTFAX!


Carmel, IN

Get plenty of rest and take vitamins, because this is the most exciting (and profitable) financial service I’ve ever even heard of and we sure want you in top shape!


Richmond, IL

I enjoy learning about the markets, the Fed, and the economy, all while I make money! SMARTFAX is a misnomer – it should be called ‘Brilliant Fax!’


Bloomingdale, IL

I am a new Wellington Letter subscriber and, as a novice investor, I cannot thank you all enough for this wonderful service! My introduction to Mr. Dohmen came on Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Radio Show podcast. His insights and views just made too much sense to me and I realized that if I wanted to ever truly understand how markets work and make money in the stock market, that I needed to subscribe. It has been a wonderful education for me! I am one of those novice investors whose portfolio had losses earlier this month. Thanks to this great service, I am learning so much and working myself onto the right side of the stock market. I really appreciate all of your work and I’m a subscriber for life!

James M.

Wellington Letter

I wish to take a little of your time and thank you. I really appreciate your help and advice given under the Smarte Trader service. This is probably more than you even realize, not knowing me. I’m basically a new subscriber; I took the plunge on December 28th and subscribed for a 3-month trial period to check out your service.

You saved my investment next egg and locked in gains, which would have been losses by now. I followed your suggestions, and by today, I was glad to have you in my corner. I’m relatively new to the world of making my own investment decisions. For years, I’ve paid for full service brokerage services and have not been satisfied with the results.

Last May 1999, I closed up my accounts with these full service brokerage firms and set up trading accounts on-line. I have done pretty good on my own, but have realized that I need something else, and that was your help.

I have decided to not just give this a three-month shot, but to continue as a client of your services/advice as long as you’re available. I’m cautious somewhat with my investments. Let’s face it, I have worked hard saving for my future. Once again, I wish to say thank you, just wanted to let you know.


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