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Bert Dohmen has astounded our conference audiences for over a decade with forecasts which at the time seemed impossible, but nevertheless came true. One of his most remarkable forecasts was at our late Fall 1987 conference, where he predicted a 500-1000 point decline in the Dow before year-end.

Charles E. Githler

Chairman, The Money Show

Bert Dohmen… brilliant technician, great long-term record.

Jim Cramer


Not only do you give clear, understandable descriptions of the economy and the markets, but you’ve given me the opportunity to get in before the markets moved, and out with good profits.

Clyde Harrison

Ex-VP, Chicago Board of Options

If forced to choose only one market letter every month, I’d pick [Bert Dohmen’s} Wellington Letter.

Terry Savage

Author, New Money Strategies for the 90's

[Bert Dohmen has] gained an international reputation for his accurate forecasts of the economy and major investment markets.

Wall Street Transcript

We find it to be one of the most informative of the many financial and investment publications we monitor.


United Stations Radio Network, Arlington

Bert Dohmen, one of the all-time Kings of Technical Analysis…has always been fiercely independent in his thinking. Bert Maverick, I call him. That’s a good thing, because in markets the consensus is usually wrong, which is why Bert is usually right.

Robert Prechter

Founder, Elliot Wave Financial

…the most thoroughly researched and best written investment newsletter that I receive.

Neil Cavuto

Fox Business Network

…Bert Dohmen captured the actual levels of the DJIA precisely. In a business with so many variable influences, such performances are to be congratulated.

Timer Digest

I have devoured the WELLINGTON LETTER since 1982. Bert’s timely advice is almost secondary to the educational aspects of the letter. His total understanding of the economy, the FED, and the markets makes each issue an addition to my library.

Gregory L. Morris

President, Murphy-Morris Corporation

[Bert Dohmen] is a pro…

Gene Marcial Business Week

Bert Dohmen is one who has a track record – a great one.

Don Bauder

Syndicated Financial Columnist

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