Fearless ETF Trader

In times of great volatility, you can prosper whether markets crash or soar with our Fearless ETF Trader

The FEARLESS ETF TRADER is for short term traders who don’t have the time to trade individual stocks, and prefer the lower volatility of ETFs.

As you know, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are similar to mutual funds but trade like stocks, providing intraday liquidity. They are “baskets” of stocks. ETFs don’t have many of the disadvantages of mutual funds such as taxes on profits you never had.

ETFs are perfect for active traders who have found that the traditional “long-term buy and hold” approach is futile at best, and often a prescription for financial ruin. With one order you can buy or sell a basket of stocks via an ETF. This protects you from specific disasters that may hit just one company.

Additionally, it saves you a lot in commissions by not having to buy a number of stocks.

Bert Dohmen’s FEARLESS ETF TRADER service shows you how to trade indexes, sectors, countries, and geographical regions.

If you want to trade the markets while minimizing risk, then trading ETFs with our Fearless ETF Trader is the answer. You will gain access to a professional with a superb track record, Bert Dohmen, spearheading the in-depth research each day. And then you can either follow the research and suggestions, or fine tune it to you meet your own goals.

For Greater Results Over a Market Cycle

You don’t have to make all the mistakes a novice makes. Believe me, the learning permit for successful trading is expensive…unless you have help. Let our team leader’s four decades of experience trading the markets work for YOU.

Our Fearless ETF Trader is ideal for those who cannot devote hours each day to trading 10 or 20 different stocks. We trade the major market and sector indexes instead. It’s perfect in these volatile markets.

It’s a Trader’s Dream Come True – Now you can trade the ETFs & Indexes like Stocks

It’s a fact that over 92% of all active money managers have not been able to beat the performance of the major market indexes, such as the Dow Jones Industrials, the S&P 500, and the NASDAQ 100 for the past 30 years. Perhaps there is a better approach.

In 2008, the major indices crashed, and individual stocks were decimated. But subscribers to the FEARLESS ETF TRADER had great performance even during the financial crisis. (See the chart below).

Guided by our advanced technical analysis, the aim of our strategy is to buy for the rallies, and then sell before a strong down-move takes the profits away. This way you can significantly improve investment performance. There is no “hold forever” in which great profits fade away and turn into painful losses. How many times have you experienced that?!

It’s much more work for the analyst, namely us, to get the timing right, which is the reason that the vast majority of analysts tell you that “no one can time the market” and that they hold for 5-10 years.

Well, they usually know nothing about “technical analysis” but then make a judgment about it. Our success proves that it can be done. In fact, technical analysis is the only thing that can time the markets.

The FEARLESS ETF TRADER service is designed to do just that. And for the subscriber it means that we do all the work for YOU. You can just follow our best ETF ideas, or mix them you’re your own. It takes only a few minutes a day.

Reduce Risk with ETFs

From a risk vs. reward viewpoint, there is no long-term investment that can equal the many advantages of ETF’s. But the very long-term “buy and hold” approach is futile in today’s volatile and uncertain times. It can lead to extraordinary losses, which may take decades to recover. We prefer to make money for our clients.

In a long-term investing strategy, most investors think they can ride through the valleys. But that can be painful, frustrating, and even dangerous. “Buy and hold” investors once again discovered this in the recent bear market, as well as in the painful bear market of 2000-2002.

The NASDAQ COMPOSITE index made its high above 5000 in March 2000. In October 2008, eight years later, the index was at 1700, still down 66% from the high. It took until 2016, about 16 years later, for that high to be exceeded.

Another example is Japan’s Nikkei index: In 1990 it made a top above 39,000. In October 2008, eighteen years later, the Nikkei was at 7000, down 82%. Even in mid-2018 it was still down 41%!

These are just two examples of how the very long-term “buy and hold” approach can be ruinous to your financial health. Can you really AFFORD to wait 16 years or longer to get back to even?

Wall Street’s “buy and hold” advice is just an excuse for an inability to time the markets, or their investments. They should spend more time studying technical analysis, and less time on the golf course.

Succeeding in Bear Markets

The best part of using ETF’s is that in a bear market you can buy the “bear ETFs,” which are designed to rise in price as the index, the sector, or the geographical areas decline. That makes it possible to also use them in pension plans, whereas short selling directly is not allowed. It’s a great advantage.

The FEARLESS ETF TRADER, offers lots of sizzle, via active trading …and turns the risk of a devastating bear market into a profit opportunity. The chart below shows that while investors were losing their shirts in 2008, our clients were making big profits.

Now, with Bert Dohmen’s guidance, you can trade like a pro … sell before the correction … and re-buy near the bottom for the next up move … or sell short at the top and smile all the way down while long-term investors weep.

That’s what we promised … and that’s what we delivered during the crashes of 2000-2002 and of 2008-2009. Look at the charts below to see the results over the past years. Look at our recommendations during the CRASH OF 2008, From Sept. 5, 2008 to October 10, 2008:

Yes, you can succeed in the markets when other investors are losing their shirts.

Ahead of the Crash of 2000, here is how we did.

Now you can trade the major up and down moves in the markets using ETFs!

We look forward to welcoming you as a new subscriber. Don’t hesitate, subscribe today and trade like a Pro.

Testimonials From The Pros

Bert Dohmen has astounded our conference audiences for over a decade with forecasts which at the time seemed impossible, but nevertheless came true. One of his most remarkable forecasts was at our late Fall 1987 conference, where he predicted a 500-1000 point decline in the Dow before year-end.

Charles E. Githler

Chairman, The Money Show

Bert Dohmen… brilliant technician, great long-term record.

Jim Cramer


Not only do you give clear, understandable descriptions of the economy and the markets, but you’ve given me the opportunity to get in before the markets moved, and out with good profits.

Clyde Harrison

Ex-VP, Chicago Board of Options

Bert Dohmen, one of the all-time Kings of Technical Analysis…has always been fiercely independent in his thinking. Bert Maverick, I call him. That’s a good thing, because in markets the consensus is usually wrong, which is why Bert is usually right.

Robert Prechter

Founder, Elliot Wave Financial

…the most thoroughly researched and best written investment newsletter that I receive.

Neil Cavuto

Fox Business Network

…Bert Dohmen captured the actual levels of the DJIA precisely. In a business with so many variable influences, such performances are to be congratulated.

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