Financial Apocalypse

By Bert Dohmen, Founder of the Dohmen Capital Research Group 

During the last crisis, Wall Street chiefs kept their yachts, houses in the Hamptons’s, the Bentley’s and Ferrari’s, while the average person lost his retirement nest egg, his home, and his job. For the next crisis, perhaps this book will enlighten you to the point where YOU can get the house in the Hampton’s or at least a Mercedes in the garage.

The global financial crisis of 2008 was the worst crisis since the 1930’s. Wall Street honchos and Washington “leaders” tell the public that no one could have predicted it. That apparently is the excuse for not having taken steps to prevent it. But it’s a lie. A number of people did predict it. Hedge fund manager John Paulson made $25 billion because he saw it coming.

One lone analyst, Bert Dohmen, predicted the crisis, in his award-winning WELLINGTON LETTER. The April 2007 issue was headlined: THE PERFECT FINANCIAL STORM. In 2007 he wrote his first book, PRELUDE TO MELTDOWN, which predicted exactly what would happen in 2008, and why. He said it would be the worst crisis since the 1930’s. He doesn’t have 500 Ph.D. economists on his staff as does the Federal Reserve.

In fact, Bert Dohmen has predicted every recession, and every bear market over the past 33 years. He attributes this success for not even having an economics degree. His is in chemistry and physics.

His new book, just released, is FINANCIAL APOCALYPSE. Here he gives a complete chronological account of the year 2008 and how he identified the clues of the approaching crisis. He shows the irresponsibly optimistic statements from the head of the Federal Reserve chairman, the top regulators, and leaders of the U.S. Congress. You will read what the heads of the largest financial firms said just days before their demise or forced takeovers. The book is a collector’s item, something you want on your bookshelf for many years.

In an easy to understand manner, Bert explains how the Wall Street financial engineering was just a Ponzi scheme, which deceived investors around the globe, selling them largely worthless paper, while making billions of profits for the top executives of the financial firms that issued this paper. And those firms which were in danger of failing were bailed out with taxpayer money, while the big chiefs collected hundred’s of millions of dollars in bonuses.

Bert Dohmen says this was not a failure of capitalism. It was a matter of collusion between the financial industry and the top regulators, names which are household words.

Bert shows with charts how the rallies in stocks, commodities, and stocks before the crash of 2008 were manipulated to keep investors positive and keep everyone blind to the crisis that was building.

The December 2007 issue of the WELLINGTON LETTER was headlined: “The recession has started.” Yet, until September 2008 economists and Wall Street analysts said there was no recession and the stock market decline was only a correction and a “buying opportunity.”

At the same time, Bert Dohmen warned his clients that the global crisis would accelerate in September 2008 to a potential meltdown. It did!

The charts told Bert everything. In this book, you can see how YOU can interpret the charts yourself, giving YOU the chance to predict the next crisis. The top Washington people and the head of the Federal Reserve now tell you that the crisis is over and that good times are ahead.

Are they right, or does Bert’s work show something else? Is this the time to get fully invested in stocks, emerging markets, muni’s, or T-bonds, or are there better investments in which you will not risk the destruction of your nest egg?


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