The China Crisis is Here


By Bert Dohmen

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In this just released report, Bert Dohmen reveals how China’s current economic crisis will cause a tsunami throughout the global financial markets and significantly impact your own investments.


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This just released Special Report on China’s economic crisis is 

the follow up to Bert Dohmen’s prescient book written in 2012, 

“The Coming China Crisis” 

which predicted what was likely to happen in China,

and is coming true in real time today!

Many investors say, “why should I be interested in what is happening in China? I would never intend to invest there!”
Whether you know it or not, most of your investments are dependent on what happens in China. Many of the largest US firms are dependent on China’s growth for a meaningful part of their own businesses.

A few examples include Apple, Uber, Tesla, Facebook, and IBM. As goes China, so goes the world. Over the last 15 years, about 50% of world economic growth has been due to China.
But in his latest report, The China Crisis Is Here, global market authority Bert Dohmen says:

“China’s Great Leap

is a Leap into

Quick Sand and Mud”

In this report, you will read that the true China credit crisis actually started in 2014, when overnight interest rates tripled from one day to the next. That was quickly covered up with massive credit creation by the government. The result was an immense stock market bubble.
All bubbles eventually implode and that is exactly what happened to the “China bubble,” which burst in June 2015. Wealth equivalent to half of China’s GDP was wiped out in a matter of weeks.
This report tells you what you don’t get in the daily reports from analysts who have a conflict of interest.
Bert Dohmen, founder of Dohmen Capital Research, is a widely known contrarian with decades of accurate forecasts. He believes that “China has hit the Great Wall of Communism,” which stymies initiative and imposes huge obstacles to entrepreneurs who want to start a new business.
Reading this new report on China’s severe problems is a must for anyone who invests, for money managers, business leaders who are dependent on international trade and the credit markets.
Just ask yourself, “what is it worth to have the true facts?” What are prescient forecasts for the global economies and investment markets, which will affect your financial future, worth to you?

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the special 50% discounted price of $20.

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“The China Crisis Is Here!” (2016) 

By Bert Dohmen

Retail Price: $40 Now $20

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IMPORTANT: This special 40-page report on China will be sent to you as an attachment via e-mail within 24 hours after your order. You will need a PDF Reader installed on your computer or your electronic reading devices.

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