Market Crash Or Buying Opportunity?

October is a famous for market crashes. Will this October see another CRASH?

When you look at sectors, such as energy, retail, small cap stocks, the crash is already on the way.

While all the pundits talk about earnings, and an allegedly great economy, they don’t look at what really matters:  a sudden, sharp deterioration of the global economies. The numbers we look at suggest that in September, the major economies in Europe and Asia started falling off of the cliff.

Buy or Sell? The Most Critical Time is Now!

“Timing is Everything”

How much would it be worth to YOU to have the guidance of a highly respected analyst who has predicted every important market decline over the past 35 years?

How much would it be worth to have the analysis of someone who predicted the 20 year bear market in gold in 1981, after having been bullish from 1977 to 1980? It happened! The next gold bull markets started exactly 20 years later and his clients were on board.