Could Retail Continue to Sink to the Lows Seen in 2008?

Could Retail
Continue to Sink to
the Lows Seen in


The Retail sector is getting hit hard once again, while many of the big retailers gather at a conference this week. The CEOs of some of the major department stores continue to tout “big growth areas” for their firms in the near future.

Retail Bulls Get Slaughtered

The bulls in the retail sector over the past year got another disappointment with weak sales during the holiday season. As we recently pointed out to our Dohmen Capital clients, Wall Street analysts were bullish on retail late last year, predicting that Christmas sales would be strong. The election results produced further optimism, saying that the prospects of the new President will encourage consumers to spend more.

If the world were only that simple! To spend more, people need more income, which has been declining for several decades. They need jobs, which right now is not happening except in

Market Crash Or Buying Opportunity?

October is a famous for market crashes. Will this October see another CRASH?

When you look at sectors, such as energy, retail, small cap stocks, the crash is already on the way.

While all the pundits talk about earnings, and an allegedly great economy, they don’t look at what really matters:  a sudden, sharp deterioration of the global economies. The numbers we look at suggest that in September, the major economies in Europe and Asia started falling off of the cliff.