Prelude to Meltdown


“How the implosion of the largest credit bubble in history threatens YOU!

Bert Dohmen is not a perma-bear, someone who is always negative on the markets, predicting the end of the world. In fact, most of the time he is an optimist, especially when gloom and doom hangs over Wall Street.

Therefore, it is even more relevant that he now sees the most significant problems of his entire career in the global financial system. Bert has never been a broker, does not manage money, and has no conflicts of interest. He can call it the way he sees it, not having to worry about being “politically correct” in his market views and forecasts.

What prompted him to write this book was the urgency of the situation. Even in August 2007 the attitude amongst policy makers, Wall Street analysts, and economists was one of complacency and denial of reality.

However, Bert pointed out that all the arguments of the bulls regarding good economic growth, corporate profits, low inflation, and reasonable stock valuations, are unimportant during a credit crunch: the only thing that matters is an unprecedented liquidity implosion in the aftermath of the greatest credit bubble the world has ever seen.

Bert’s warnings since December 2016 have been that the “ocean of liquidity” theory everyone was talking about was really an illusion. It was actually a credit bubble, something which can disappear overnight, and then cause an avalanche of bankruptcies. The inability of the people in Washington to recognize this danger makes the danger of a meltdown even greater.

Reading this book may save you, or make you, a fortune. It’s the most important read of the year. “